Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Committed in 2017-2018

Thanks to all of my #PrincipalsinAction #LLAP #DadsasPrincipals and #MomsasPrincipals colleagues for pushing me this summer to step back, reflect deeply, and commit myself to following for the coming school year. A huge shout out to my Dexter Park team, who push me to better leader and serve them with more energy, enthusiasm, and passion. For them and the students of Orange, here are the things I am taking from my summer learning and committing to this year:

I committed to showing my team the North Star, pointing all of us in a direction that asks us to think big and imagine what is possible.  When the road gets bumpy and we get off track (which it will), I will guide us back towards our North Star with positivity and encouragement.

Change is inevitable. We can't control it, but we can control our perception. I am committed to leading change like a shark and seeing the possibilities.
I am committed to small change that is realistic and ultimately serves the needs of the school community. I will protect our time and energy from the "noise" that isn't about teaching and learning. 
Our job is to produce well-rounded humans who contribute to society. I am committed to teaching the whole child and to supporting my staff in nurturing the social-emotional well-being of our students. 
I am learning that the word manage means "to work through others". I am deeply committed to working more efficiently so that I can be out of my office where the action is happening. More importantly, I am committing to leaving the work at work so I can do my most important job, which is being a present father and husband.